My Life Healthy Wellness Journal

The My Life Healthy Wellness Journal is an enhancement tool to help you become more intentional about your health and overall wellness as you work with your wellness coach. The wellness journal includes health tips to increase your knowledge about your food, mood, and movement; daily motivation, inspiration, and questions designed to help you incorporate simple lifestyle changes that are sustainable; along with a few more added bonuses. Your transformation starts Now!

Rejuvenate Your Health with 8 Simple Steps

Rejuvenate Your Health will show you simple ways to slim down, regain energy, and bring back a more youthful vibrant energetic you! By changing your eating habits, increasing your movement throughout the day, and engaging in more self-care, you can expect to have increased energy levels, alertness, and feel more balanced as you move toward achieving your ideal wellness goals. And by all means, seek the assistance of a health and wellness coach to support you on your journey. Age is only a number, seriously! It should not determine how you look and feel. Walk with me through this book to learn how you can give your health a new lifeline by incorporating these eight simple steps. Forward by Hazel Dixon-Cooper.

Ohhmazing Wellness

This is a one of a kind book about WELLNESS created by 31 beautiful, powerful and courageous women co-authors, who collectively and collaboratively share written words that will surely inspire, motivate, engage and empower women all over the globe to believe in self-care through the integrative wellness process in the areas of:

Spa & Beauty; Fitness & Movement; Health & Holistic Healing; Food & Nutrition; Mind & Spirit; Relationships; Career & Entrepreneurship; and  Finances

Together, Ohhmazing Wellness: Shift Your Vision and Create the Healthy & Happy Lifestyle You Deserve, will cause a generation of women across the globe to step out of their comfort zone and experience something new!