MLH Group Programs

Group Programs are simply the best and fun all around because it offers the greatest support to help you reach and sustain your personal health goals!


Not only will you receive resources, training, and support from your health coach, but you will also have the support of other like-minded individuals in your group.

Together we will learn about your food, what they do for you, and how they affect you. You will also learn how to deconstruct cravings and emotional eating, and create your own meal makeovers using healthy tips and other information gathered from the integrative nutrition school.

Most of all, we will brainstorm and share ideas to help create positive changes in your life. Working together with a health coach provides you with resources and support to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes in order to improve your health and well-being.



What you can expect from a Group Program?

3-month group program (option to continue) includes:

  • Individualized Health History Consultation
  • Two 1 ½ hr group sessions per month at a designated location ( Or by Skype, conference call)
  • A binder to hold all informative health, nutrition, & recipes to learn, nourish and encourage.
  • Weekly emails and texts for questions, answers, and motivational support.
  • Help with meal makeovers
  • Fun Group Activities and Exercises
  • Recipes to teach, nourish, and encourage your health and body.
  • Handouts about health, nutrition, and other educational information.
  • Discussion about primary foods such as, relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise
  • Shopping assistance and tour of your favorite food store.
  • Fun foods and Gifts to share.

NOTE: This program can be uniquely tailored to the group’s needs.



Denise-RavesI met Denise about 4 years ago when we joined a small groups meeting with our fellow church ladies.  She facilitated the John C. Maxwell Leadership training.

During the course of getting to know Denise, she was such an inspiration and shared special testimonies with us. I admired her ability to teach and recognize everyone’s personalities which helped us to see leadership qualities within ourselves. She always encourages people and makes them feel capable of doing anything they set their minds to do. She is one of the sweetest persons I know and always has a positive outlook on everything.

~ Michelle Waller, Tallahassee, FL, CHC I-Connect Group