Did you know that your journey back to good health and wellness can be simple?  Often the thought of making drastic changes can be debilitating.  This is why we created . . . WELP

It’s an easy way to remember a few basic principles of good health and nutrition and will support you as you create sustainable habits to rejuvenate your health and well-being. 


  • Do you want to calm those emotional triggers in your mind?
  • Lose weight effortlessly?
  • Feel invigorated with optimum energy?
  • End your struggles with food allergies and belly bloating?
  • Do you want all of this with the added benefit of a community of supportive women helping you along?


This 4-Week Program is for you!


This 4-week program provides accountability, motivation, results, and tools to see results in just 4 short weeks.


So . . . are you up for the challenge?  Great!  Lets get you started.




You Will Get . . . 



Breakfast items in wooden boxDelicious  portion of fresh salmon fillet  with aromatic herbs,Fruit and vegetables on Boqueria market in Barcelona







WAIT . . . THERE’S MORE . . .

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4 WEEKS of My Life Healthy Support

I created this program for people on the go.   Weekly sessions with me will provide you with information and inspiration to guide you to lasting results.  You’ll also receive easy-to-use handouts filled with resources, tips, and tricks that the busiest person can commit to becoming her healthiest self. 



Private Facebook Community

Whenever you need a bit of support or want to share your success, log into our private community.  It’s a group of dedicated women who want to be healthy and are ready to make a change.  With this supportive place for connection, feedback, and inspiration you’ll never feel like you’re at it alone.  Get ready to meet your new BFF’s.